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Syntax IT Services provide managed essential services for anti-virus, backup, anti-spam, domain management, mobile devices and scalable security services
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Essential Services

GDPR is now essential. Are you compliant? Click here to learn more

Every network requires certain products to ensure it is kept secure and resilient.

Syntax consider these as the most essential part of the network and carefully select, test and manage for your business

so you can relax knowing that the essentials are covered.

Managed Anti-Virus

Regarded as an IT staple product, Syntax manage, monitor and protect your network from virus attacks.

Datashield Backup and DR

A secure Back-up and DR solution that is designed around your requirements.

Mailminder Anti-Spam

A powerful defence for protecting your business from unwanted and dangerous email

Managed Security Services

Security tailored to your business' needs through a systematic approach

Domain Management

Everything from renewals to centrally managed DNS for all your domains

Mobile Device Management

Benefit from the productivity of mobile devices without compromising the control you'd expect of traditional devices

Managed Anti-Virus

Worms, Trojan horses, Rootkits, Spyware, Keyloggers, Ransomware, Adware and so on… Managed Anti-Virus protects your business from any number of threats and gives you the peace of mind that a trusted IT partner is managing and monitoring this, so you don’t have to.

Managed Security Services

Syntax provide a systematic approach to managing your business’ security needs and can work with you to ensure the correct level of security for your business is identified, implemented and managed ongoing. These areas can be identified during a site audit or for more complex security requirements, a security assessment or audit can be conducted.


Mailminder is a corporate strength anti-spam and anti-virus solution provided by Syntax IT Services that identifies junk email, spam and viruses, preventing their delivery before they even reach your network.

With Mailminder from Syntax IT Services, only genuine email is delivered to your network, immediately in real time. Mailminder provides true peace of mind and tangible savings for our customers.


Prevented Emails

Save resources, protect your network and your staff


Delivered Emails

Get right to the emails important to you

Bounced Email0%
Spam Email0%
Contains Virus0%

Mailminder employs a granular approach, meaning acceptable email settings are chosen by you. You also have access to quarantined emails i.e. the email that appears to be suspect spam and you can opt to release these emails from Mailminder direct to your mailbox. Entire domains (such as online auction sites) can be blocked completely, ensuring that your staff are focusing on your business.

Implementing Mailminder is simple and inexpensive; all that’s required is for your email to be filtered by our secure servers. Mailminder requires no additional hardware or software to be installed on your network. Furthermore, it is managed and maintained by Syntax IT Services away from your network at the internet level.

Protect against malicious threats

Phishing scams, spyware, dubious invoices and viruses can all threaten IT infrastructure stability

Increase Hardware performance

Suspicious emails are filtered before they’re received by your Server, freeing-up resources

Easy-to-use personal quarantine

affording user’s direct control over their allowed list of senders

Digest Report sent daily

detailing blocked emails and allows users to make exceptions

Automated algorithms

Continuous real-time updates to our database of malicious senders ensure that unwanted messages are kept at bay and detection rates remain high

24 x 7

Service availability 365 days a year

Domain Management

Ensuring you retain Domains annually is crucial. If a renewal is missed it can have serious consequence for your business and how customers access your website. Syntax offer Domain Management to ensure renewals are met and any technical changes are made.

Mobile Device Management

With the ever-evolving technology industry bringing new smarter and more productive mobile devices, presents the ever-evolving management and control over information. MDM gives businesses the freedom to adopt new technologies by allowing devices to be controlled in a similar way to traditional computing devices.


DataShield is our comprehensive Back-up solution that can be scaled to suit businesses of all sizes and needs. Using DataShield, your Data, Exchange, SQL Database, Virtual machines etc. can be backed-up onsite, offsite, or both and uses state of the art 256 bit encryption before ever leaving your servers, providing a very secure solution.

The capability to back-up Disk Images and perform Bare Metal restores means downtime is dramatically reduced. Recover your entire server in case of total failure and keep your business going.


flexibility to back-up almost any environment through extensive plugin support.

Fast Onsite Recovery

From full failure to fully operational within your recovery time objective.

Replicated and Fully Secured Offsite

Protection from the worst-case disaster recovery scenarios

File-level Backup

For desktop and server operating systems

Microsoft Exchange

2003 - 2013 & SBS 2011 - Information Store and Mailbox-level support

SQL Databases

Microsoft SQL, My SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and Pervasive

Disk Imaging

For physical Servers and P2V capability

Virtual Machines

Backup support for VMWare, Hyper-V and Xen

With DataShield, you can choose your own level of involvement right from a fully managed offering, for which you’ll receive monthly success reports for peace of mind, to more of your own internal involvement whereby you may decide your own back-up schedules and retentions. Syntax are here to understand and cater to your needs. Never again worry about losing your critical company data.