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GDPR Technology Challenges

Are your business systems ready? Is your business ready?

Long before GDPR became a commonly used term and enforced, Syntax IT Services were working with customers to develop services and solutions that are key to ensuring their business systems and data are secure, auditable and continuously protected.

The four areas below form part of the wider Syntax IT Services offering designed to address the technology challenges GDPR presents. Further down you will find some questions designed to help you understand where your business is in terms of readiness and compliance, why not give them a try?

Cyber Essentials

Gaining Cyber Essentials certification not only helps to protect your business guard against the most common cyber security threats, it also demonstrates your commitment to cyber security by ensuring the top 5 technical controls have been properly implemented.

Data Guardian

Secure your data wherever it goes. Your data is protected when it is shared with company employees, suppliers, vendors and business partners via email, cloud services such as ‘DropBox’, FTP and portable storage devices.

Disk or Data Encryption

Securing endpoint devices by using encryption technologies ensures that your data and your customers’ data is protected. Designed for easy deployment, end-user transparency and hassle free compliance we can even enhance the management of Microsoft Bitlocker.

Endpoint Security

Endpoints require strong data security for business data that includes advanced threat prevention, encryption and authentication, all centrally-managed via a single console to help businesses reduce IT management costs and complexity.

Relevant Questions

  • How secure is your network?
  • How secure is the data on your endpoints?
  • How secure is the data on your servers?
  • How secure is your data when in transit?

  • How secure is your data that is stored in ‘the cloud’?
  • Can you easily audit and report on data access?
  • Would data on a lost or stolen device remain secure if accessed away from your network?

How did you respond?

  • If you are confident that each point is covered then that is great


  • If you cannot confidently say each point is covered then perhaps there is room for improvement, Syntax IT Services are here to help

  • If you have any doubts or your answer is ‘I think our IT support supplier looks after that’ BUT you have no real understanding what that means, then Syntax IT Services are here to help

The security of your organisation’s endpoints, software applications and operating systems are basic business requirements; at Syntax IT Services we pride ourselves on having at our disposal a well established range of solutions designed specifically for those purposes. We are truly committed to providing the highest quality, secure IT services and our aim is to enable competitive advantage for our customers through the proper application of technology.


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