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Syntax IT Services provide expert remote, onsite and proactive support as well as project management for everything from a server installation to a hardware refresh or even office move and cabling. We are a leading Software Development company in the UK for Desktop, Web applications and Mobile app development, testing, support and cloud hosting. Call us today: 0844 264 1310
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Worryingly, government studies have shown that many UK businesses still lack the appropriate level of training and/or security to mitigate against cyber-attacks (a whopping two-thirds of FTSE350 managers had little-to-no training or involvement in IT security). In the last year cyber-attacks on medium businesses rose two-thirds and it's becoming more and more clear that small businesses are most at risk when it comes to the financial fall out. With the implementation of the GDPR fast approaching (25th May 1028) such insights in the country's cyber security have sent tech news outlets into a frenzy. But what is the GDPR?

In line with Syntax IT Services' commitment to the continual improvement of security, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved our Cyber Essentials accreditation. But what is Cyber Essentials and what does it mean for you? – we are here to explain :
With most us having a bit of free time over the Easter period, it is a perfect time to rethink about how secure our IT systems are and whether more should be done to protect against the increasing risk of cyber-crime. Syntax IT Services provides key industry insight on the risk of cyber threat on UK business and how you can ensure your IT systems are well-manged.
This guide isn’t just for the IT department, the Accounts department or the business directors, it is for everyone.

A phishing scam is the name given to the fraudulent practice of deceiving individuals into revealing personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, through email by posing as legitimate, trustworthy companies. Anti-virus giant, Kaspersky, reported that users of their security software had content linked...