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Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

With most us having a bit of free time over the Easter period, it is a perfect time to rethink about how secure our IT systems are and whether more should be done to protect against the increasing risk of cyber-crime. Syntax IT Services provides key industry insight on the risk of cyber threat on UK business and how you can ensure your IT systems are well-manged.

As Easter soon approaches and we look forward to spending a couple days extra away from the office, whether you are off for a quick weekend break or simply relishing the opportunity to indulge in an inexcusable amount of chocolate Easter eggs, it’s easy for IT security to be forgotten or for the most part placed at the bottom of our priority list.

However, with the increasing rise of cyber-attacks targeting UK businesses with statistics revealing a 22% increase of reported cyber-attacks over the past year resulting in over £1bn in losses according to Action Fraud, Syntax IT Services are here to remind business owners and key decision makers to ensure that your IT systems are secure, protected and well-equipped to be able to protect against cyber threats.

As decision makers, this is not a time to become complacent as the threat of cyber-attack in 2017 is so great that cybersecurity experts claim, “it’s not a case of if, but when” it occurs. This ranges from methods such as business data being held at ransom, to phishing scams and other highly sophisticated methods used by cyber criminals that without the proper skillset and management of IT to be able to tackle it, is likely to have a significant impact on your business from potential losses of data, to even greater financial setbacks from lack of productivity and downtime.

Syntax are increasingly seeing companies that don’t have basic IT security in place, not down to preference, more out of unwilling negligence. Ensuring all devices within a network are protected, proactively updated and backed-up can be an onerous task however is essential to the protection of your business. The proper application of IT support ensures this and a good IT partner would be able to look at your business holistically, identifying gaps or holes in your business and assist in devising an IT strategy that addresses these by setting short and long term goals. Especially as the IT landscape is extremely unpredictable with new IT threats constantly emerging, a good IT Partner would be able to monitor this and work proactively to address these in order to minimise the impact on your daily business operations. A good IT partner can also be beneficial in advising you on the best use of technology that is most suited to your business needs and translate this in a coherent and understandable language. An IT Partner will help you make well-informed and high level IT decisions.

Although I could go on, I think it is clear that proper management and security of IT is certainly not something that should be slept upon but is an essential means of security, stability, and growth for your business. With a hopefully relaxed weekend ahead for most, this is the perfect time to think about how resilient your IT environment is and how prepared your business is to deal with potential risks such as cyber-attacks or data loss. Perhaps there are other measures you could take to ensure that IT is properly managed, secure, and able to withstand the continuously changing IT landscape.

If you are looking to improve the security of your IT environment and would like to adopt a proactive approach to minimising the risks of cyber-attacks then click the below link to find out how Syntax IT Services, who has recently become cyber essentials accredited, could help to provide a well-manged, resilient IT environment for your business along with many other benefits.

Are you looking to improve the security of your IT environment to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks? Syntax IT Services, who has recently become cyber essentials accredited, could help.